Pop bottles of champagne
Shake it to the bottom
Taste sweet splashes of cocktail
Our crowd blossom

See more bubbles in ya glass
Let me pour another
Call ur buddy, ask again
Will he come to party?

I want every one rise his bumper
Today is Independence Day
Look at my face
Every minute is my birthday

Put on swagga Mr. President
I wanna see ya spirit in the air
We celebrate again together
Holiday or anniversary

We gonna have fun all night long
Run the best shops
Buy ya favorite clothes
Put on classy frock

When ya gentleman see a score
Yeah, baby keep ur head up
Let him smile like a moron
All wretches must shut up

Goggling at the starry diamond
We have to purchase a new castle
Make rings around
Gain experience from profit

So that’s what it’s all about!
We need a degree
Burst it out swift
I don’t wanna pay a fee

I got no time to wait
N solve this case
Let me relax
Get rid of this mess
I need a rest
Damn my problems


We want more
It’s like ecstasy
Everything in a fog
Moving like carousel

U seem to fall to the ocean floor
Drunk as hell again
Afternoon wake up crapulous
Start shouting ‘Anybody help me! ‘

Don’t know how get out
Ur body in a blaze
It cuts like a razor
Before midnight see snakes

Turning into a violator
U go thru a phase
Come in to the bar
Behave as a superman

He looted a club
It will be a hit in local newspaper
Best headline for the last month
Security arrested u for hellbender

But every woman wantcha on da dance floor
One of handsome friend arrived
He went thru da face control
Going from bad to worse

Now he will seduce ur cover girl
U start boiling like a kettle
N feel jealousy
None can cut ur hardened metal


So, hold da audience
Don’t concede defeat
Take it easy
Demonstrate that u r king

I’ll give a salute in honor of me
When it strikes at midnight
Like pretty doll in colored stockings
U r in the limelight

High heels going straight to scene
Enjoying this moment
Drag all over the place
Heavy boxes with spirit

We have best junket for a year
Nearby club call to police
Where’s ur stash?
Always u hiding it

Share with us
Take out n don’t be greedy
Oh, I despise ur callousness
Look, old lady move her body like a fairy
Let’s have a mad time
There is something more than hennessey


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Record Label(s): 2014 Synchrovision Records
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