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World Health Day marks the anniversary of the World Health Organisation which was founded in 1948. Therefore, in 1948 in Geneva, the World Health Assembly was held for the first time and it was decided to celebrate annually on 7th April as World Health Day. On this day, by WHO variety of events with a particular theme are organized at the international and national levels.
In the year 1950, World Health Day was the first time celebrated worldwide.

World Health Day Theme 2022 PDF- Celebrations

– At the global level, World Health Day targets all the issues related to health, and for this several programs are organized yearly basis by the WHO and other organizations at several places like schools, colleges, etc.

– It is celebrated worldwide by the government, non-government, NGOs,s, and several other organizations.

– Health authorities from different countries take part in the celebration with their pledges to support health issues worldwide.

– It reminds people about the establishment of WHO and spread awareness among people about major health issues in the world.

– WHO has worked on serious health issues in developing countries like chickenpox, polio, smallpox, TB, leprosy, etc.

– To fulfill the aim of World Health Day, people in the World Health Organisations do debates between individuals on health-related topics, organize exhibitions, essay writing, various competitions and award ceremony, etc.

– Organisations that participated in the World Health Organisations highlight all the activities through Media like News, and releases of the Press so that people come to know about it.

Various themes of World Health Day
– World Health Day Theme 1950 “Know your Health Services”.
– World Health Day Theme 1951 “Health for your Child and World’s Children”.
– World Health Day Theme 1952 “Healthy surroundings make Healthy people”.
– World Health Day Theme 1960 “Malaria eradication – A world challenge”.
– World Health Day Theme 1961 “Accidents and their prevention”.
– World Health Day Theme 1965 “Smallpox – constant alert”.
– World Health Day Theme 1987 “Immunization: A chance for every Child”.
– World Health Day Theme 1995 “Global Polio Eradication”.
– World Health Day Theme 2004 “Road safety”.
– World Health Day Theme 2014 “Vector-borne diseases”.
– World Health Day Theme 2015 is “Food safety”.
– World Health Day Theme 2016 “Diabetes: Scale up prevention, strengthen care, and enhance surveillance”.
– World Health Day Theme 2017 “Depression: Let’s talk”.

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