The lies I had to listen to
They would make me quit
The more I grew, the more I knew
The world was full of shit
The mind I’ve tried to keep alive
The learning of the youth
Don’t watch the sky and let a lie
Eliminate the truth

Lie back
Lie back
Nothing left for you to do
Lie back
Lie back
No one ever told the f*cking truth to you

Now that we’re together
I’ve got a game for you
To know if you’re a winner
All you have to do
With any kind of effort
There’s one sure way to win
Just keep it up and stick it out
‘Til you stick it in

Lie back
Lie back
Lie back
Nothing else for you to do
Lie back
Lie back
No one ever told the f*cking truth to you

Powerlove is pumping now
And time is on your side
Think of all the fun you missed
Because somebody lied
Soon they’ll take away your prime
And then they’ll take your reason

Finally they’ll take your time
Confusing you with season

Come back
Come back
Don’t go before the game is through
Lie back
Lie back
No one’s gonna tell the truth to you

Three answers and your schizoid
Two answers and you’re sunk
One answer and you’re shitsore
No answers and you’re drunk and crazy

Come back
Come back again
Don’t leave the game so soon
Lie back
Lie back
Or you’ll be floating in your final coffin
Orbiting the moon

They’ll try to crush your spirit
So you will never try
In case you find humility
There’s just another lie
Don’t walk the straight and narrow
Unless you’re really bent
Everybody’s guilty
‘Til proven innocent
Don’t let them crush your spirit
Don’t let them try your try
I’m telling you humility
Is just another lie

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Record Label(s): 2015 Telephone Explosion Records
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