Lil Uno

Step through the door she peekin’
I need the girl, she eyein’
She want me, I know it
My neck look like it’s snowin’
I’m a Lone Star like Texas
She on my d** like Magnums
Gold wrappers,Lil’ sunny yellow diamonds on my chain
make my neck look sunny (hey!)
Never bummy, Vans on my feet (hey)
Tiny Tune tickle shine bright, see the teeth?(go)
Got cheese, gotta watch out for rats (go)
I’m bigger than the mice, so I keep the mouse traps
While there’s snakes in my hood, gotta keep the low
grass (yes)
Nick name Jeff cause I’m known for killin’ tracks
Base boys, Punk Rock
Best at rap, all you rappers need to stop

Diamonds they gleamin’, I’m icy they cheesin’
(hey!),b** I’m shinin’ , b** I’m shinin’,somebody’s
watchin’ me (2x)

Lil B

Diamonds on my neck, dip diamonds in my watch please
Gleam watch the gleam my game grrangdang
Girls say “B why you lookin’ so cold?” I don’t know ,
but the cash on my neck look froze
Let’s go, get on my hype
Gotta have nice clothes to get on my bike
Grab titties big a** and her cash look right
Fresh dressed erryday b*** mine betta look tight
Play no games (yes) when I’m up in the club
All my niggas(yes) get back and they rollin’ up dubs
::back stands for a**..when a girl “backs it up” on a
Get head (yes) with the top laid back to tha rug(yes)
::head as in oral sex::
See me on the flo’ when I shoulder lean
Niggas f*** her watch her shoulder lean
Lil’ B got ice and I’m feelin’ so fresh
Niggas get money and we all from the jects ::jects is

short for projects::
My niggas get money and we all from the jects, hey!


Young Stunna

Two eight hundred
I’m a crack street stunna (yup)
Diamonds shinin’ blue like thunder (hey)
‘Bout to see the ice, bout to give me the number
Brisk color piss I’m stuntin in this b****
Red ice, green ice, she on my d***
And the stones in my ear baby I got tips
Whippers hit my side kick
She feenin’ for that stunna d***
I whip my wrist she love that d***
And I’m single hand cuff your b****
She like me, I’m icy
My Vans on, no Nikes
I’m ’bout dollars, now I’m even ’bout cents
You trippin’ off of p**** not even makin’ sense
I’m ridin’ down the strip, I’m puffin’ purple s***
Cause I’m thinkin’ how to get a hundred thousand out a


Young L

Yeah, hey b**** I’m shinin’
Invisible set VDS, white diamonds
yeah, so what you know about this?
One key on my keyboard look like piss
Can’t see no gold on the mold
Just ice so I talk kinda cold
Fake stones on a grill that’s nasty
Diamonds touched your p****, don’t ask me
Fresh off the plane from the ATL
Mix on my album and my s** gonna sell
I keep it on a low but your b** gonna tell
Why my niggas rock ice and we shine real well (haha)
And I’m gonna raise hell
Got a jig young nigga ‘fore I drop this mail ::’fore is
short for before::
Watch it rain on the bop,
Watch it shake that tail, I’m a stunna (he points to

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